Welcome to the new AACE

Today, we at the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) are delighted to announce the launch of a new organization name and brand. Our organization will now be known as the American Association of Clinical Endocrinology (AACE), a name that more clearly defines AACE as a community of individuals who work together to elevate the practice of clinical endocrinology.

Building a New Identity

Our new name is the result of a multi-year exploration that included quantitative and qualitative research with endocrinologists, primary care providers, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Stemming from changes in global health priorities, demographics and health care delivery, the new name reflects a more modern, inclusive approach to endocrinology that supports multi-disciplinary care teams — with endocrinologists leading the way. The name also signifies our efforts to open doors to the larger endocrine community, share the latest clinical advances, facilitate collaboration, and ultimately improve the health and lives of those who live with endocrine and metabolic disorders.

Our identity continues to evolve as our world and community members do, connecting our brand to all those who look towards the future of clinical endocrinology. As an association, we work to set the highest standards of care by providing clinicians, care teams and the public with education, support and hope.

By equipping our AACE community with comprehensive clinical guidance and resources, we have long been committed to educational leadership to meet members’ learning needs. We will expand this role to serve as the vital hub of knowledge in clinical endocrinology for all members of the endocrine care team, defining the best paths of patient care and disease prevention.

A New Global Website

To better aid those living with endocrine disorders and their loved ones, we have redesigned our website to introduce easily understood resources about endocrine health.

The new AACE.com represents our global community, with the main site providing important endocrine resources and information to our public audiences. Health care professionals and community members can access all of the valuable clinical content such as guidelines, disease state networks and important education by visiting the pro portal in the top right corner of the site, or by going directly to pro.aace.com.

Our New AACE Logo

Our new logo features a tri-colored knot that is a combination of two renowned shapes in mathematics, the Möbius Strip and the Trefoil Knot, which have been synthesized to convey a sense of unity.

Our new logo is indicative of the connections between endocrinologists, multi-disciplinary care teams and people with endocrine conditions. The symbol reflects a principle that together, we at AACE encompass the human element that comprises the greater field of endocrinology.

Leading the Way for Clinical Endocrinology

With this rebrand, we are more poised to be a proactive force in educating clinical and general audiences about endocrine diseases, while the association elevates the role of all those who practice clinical endocrinology in assuring the highest quality patient care. We will also continue to collaborate with our community members and partners to promote the most up-to-date medical advances and evidence-based best practices, so as to achieve our new mission of elevating clinical endocrinology to improve global health.

Whether you are an endocrinologist, an important member of an endocrine care team such as a nurse practitioner or primary care physician, or an advocate for those with endocrine diseases and conditions — we welcome all of you to our community to share our passion and progression of clinical endocrinology. Together, we are all AACE. To learn more about our new inclusive community options, visit our community webpage.

To learn more about our new brand platform and visual identity, visit this page

Thank you for supporting the American Association of Clinical Endocrinology, and we look forward to working with all of you to continue building an organization for clinical endocrinology professionals today, tomorrow and the many years to come.

Howard Lando, MD, FACP, FACE, AACE President

On Behalf of the Board of Directors

Howard Lando, MD, FACP, FACE