Clinical Trials

Are You or Your Patients Interested in Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials are structured and measured research studies that help determine the safety and effectiveness of:

  • Ground-breaking medical tests
  • Innovative new treatments
  • Pioneering medical devices
  • Newly discovered medications

Clinical trials help determine the effectiveness in screening for, diagnosing, treating, or preventing a certain disease or condition and are a critical part of the ongoing work of researchers to discover new medical therapies and improve existing ones. These studies add to existing medical knowledge and provide reliable data to assist in healthcare decision-making and guideline creation.

Health Care Professionals Help Get the Word Out

People of all walks of life take part in clinical trials for various reasons and often it is their physician or health care professional that helps connect the patient with an appropriate clinical trial. Great effort is made to assure that clinical research trials are safely administered and closely monitored to ensure the wellbeing of participants.

Here is a resource of links to clinical trials: