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Endo Tools Medical iPhone App Released

Endo Tools is an app developed for the practicing endocrinologist by an endocrinologist. Many routine tasks that require complex calculations can be done using Endo Tools in few clicks!
Features include:
1) Convert HbA1c to average blood glucose and fructosamine.
2) Convert steroids
3) Calculate RAI dose for Graves' disease
4) Thyroid nodule volume calculator
5) Thyroid cancer staging
6) Thyroxine dose calculator
7) Thyroid function tests in pregnancy
8) Calcium corrected for albumin
9) Calculate GFR using MDRD equation

continuing studies in USA

like a member of the aace and a resident in edocrinology and metabolisme here in algeria (north of africa );and because i am interrested to continue or to complete my studies know and in the futur ;i wanted to demand help to find ,there in the united states a university ,faculty,or departement can accept me or help me to make insrciption and to offer me the opportunity to progress in my endocrinology career ,and i want to know also how ca i attempt this objective

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