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American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists Medical Guidelines for Clinical Practice are systematically developed statements to assist health care professionals in medical decision making for specific clinical conditions, but are in no way a substitute for a medical professional's independent judgment and should not be considered medical advice. Most of the content herein is based on literature reviews. In areas of uncertainty, professional judgment of the authors was applied.

These guidelines are a working document that reflects the state of the field at the time of publication. Because rapid changes in this area are expected, periodic revisions are inevitable. We encourage medical professionals to use this information in conjunction with, and not a replacement for, their best clinical judgment. The presented recommendations may not be appropriate in all situations. Any decision by practitioners to apply these guidelines must be made in light of local resources and individual patient circumstances.

Material printed in Endocrine Practice is protected by copyright. One copy of this copyrighted material may be accessed for personal research, scientific and/or information purposes only. No part of this publication may be copied, downloaded, stored in a retrieval system, further transmitted or otherwise reproduced, stored, distributed for sale, sold, disseminated, transferred or used, or incorporated in any other work, in any form or by any means without prior written permission from American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists.

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AACE Clinical Practice Guidelines are systematically developed, evidence-based documents that assist practitioners about appropriate health care decisions

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