Medicare’s Physician Fee Schedule

The Medicare Physician Fee Schedule provides more than 10,000 physician services, the associated relative value units, a fee schedule status indicator, and various payment policy indicators needed for payment adjustment (i.e., payment of assistant at surgery, team surgery, bilateral surgery).

Geographic Practice Cost Index

Pricing amounts are adjusted to reflect the variation in geographic practice costs. A Geographic Practice Cost Index (GPCI) has been established for every Medicare payment locality for each of the three components of a procedure's Relative Value Unit (RVU):

  • RVUs for work
  • RVUs for practice expense
  • RVUs for malpractice

The GPCIs are applied in the calculation of a fee schedule payment amount by multiplying the RVU for each component times the GPCI for that component.

How the Website Works

The Medicare Physician Fee Schedule website allows you to:

  • Search pricing amounts, various payment policy indicators, RVUs, and GPCIs by a single procedure code, a range and a list of procedure codes.
  • Search for the national payment amount, a specific carrier/Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) or a specific carrier/MAC locality. Each page has associated help or hints available to complete your selections.
  • More help with Physician Fee Schedule