Certificate in Endocrine Coding (CEC)
  • What is an AACE-CEC? 

  • Renewal requirements for the AACE-CEC 

  • Renew AACE-CEC Now  

  • Obtaining CME/CEUs 

What is an AACE-CEC? 

An AACE Certified Endocrine Coder (AACE-CEC) is an individual of high professional integrity who has passed a coding certification examination sponsored by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE).  An AACE-CEC has achieved a certain level of knowledge and expertise in coding of services, procedures and diagnoses for endocrine physician practices.  An AACE-CEC is ethical, compliant, and always striving for knowledge.  The AACE Certified Endocrine Coder's responsibilities may include: 

  • Determining accurate codes for diagnoses, procedures and services performed by physicians and recognized licensed non-physician practitioners.   

  • Keeping current with medical compliance and reimbursement policies 

  • Performing various auditing duties related to physician practice management and coding to maintain compliance with payer reimbursement policies and governmental regulations as well as CMS guidelines 

  • Monitoring progress resulting from periodic internal audits 

  • Providing training in coding and compliance issues to physicians, non-physician providers and staff on an ongoing basis 

  • Providing physicians and staff with up-to-date coding information from reliable, update to date and accurate sources 

  • Providing orientation training to include coding and billing guidelines for new physicians and non-providers to the practice 

  • Implementing of new coding guidelines in a timely manner within the practice 

  • Updating encounter forms/super-bills on an annual basis with respect to diagnostic, procedural and supply code changes and associated fees 

  • Updating other patient information forms as necessary  

  • Updating the clinic's fee schedule based on Relative Value Unit (RVU) updates that come out annually and based on additions and deletions to codes for procedures, services, and supplies 

  • Reviewing explanations of benefits from payers, evaluating denied claims and filing appeals for denied claims 

  • Ensure EMRs have current and correct procedure and diagnosis codes 

Renewal requirements for the AACE-CEC  

  • A renewal fee of $75 and (6) CME/CEUS are due each January 1st for the AACE-CEC certification to be current for the upcoming calendar year.  If the AACE-CEC expires December 31, 2019, CMEs or CEUs must have been obtained from January 1 – December 31, 219 to be eligible CEC renewal for the calendar year 2020.  The (6) hours of continuing medical education (CMEs) or continuing education units (CEUs) must be related to coding and/or billing and must be obtained within the previous 12 months prior to applying for CEC renewal.  There will be a $25.00 charge per month applied for late renewals, not to exceed 90 days.  If the renewal has lapsed past 90 days, a new exam must be taken to earn AACE-CEC status back. 

RENEW NOW (link to renewal page currently working on) 

Obtaining CME/CEUs 

  • Any AACE webinars and live courses relating to coding and/or billing 

  • Most coding webinars, seminars, and online courses offered through LilesParker, Practice Management Institute (PMI), the American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC) and the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)  

  • National Provider Calls and Other events offered through CMS and their Medicare Administrative Contractors  (http://www.cms.gov/Outreach-and-Education/Outreach/NPC/National-Provider-Calls-and-Events.html

  • CMS’s free Web-Based Training (WBT) Courses 

There are many courses, publications and subscriptions that are not on AACE’s preapproved list that offer continuing education in the coding/reimbursement field.  Many of these courses may be accepted for CMEs/CEUs if they pertain to endocrine-specific coding or general coding pertinent to endocrinology, internal medicine, nuclear medicine, pediatrics, or related discipline.  Approval does not need to be granted before submitting them with your complete CME/CEU packet at the time of your renewal.  Submit all of the following information at the time of your renewal for determination of approval. 

Seminar/Workshop:  one hour of coding instruction equals one CME/CEU                                                                  

  1. Name of seminar or workshop with copies of the agenda and course objectives 

  1. Name and credentials of speaker or sponsoring organization, as applicable 

  1. Number of hours spent in actual coding instruction.  Do not include time for registration, meals or breaks 

Webinar/Audio Conferences:  one hour of coding instruction equals one CME/CEU 

  1. Name of webinar/audio conference with copies of the agenda and course objectives 

  1. Name and credentials of speaker or sponsoring organization, as applicable 

  1. Number of hours spent in actual coding instruction.  Do not include time for registration, meals or breaks