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Why Does This Matter to Me?

Physicians and medical practices are facing increased challenges on the business and financial end of the endocrine practice with healthcare reform, dwindling reimbursements, and increased audit requests. It is a necessity for physicians and their staff to gain foundational and advanced knowledge and resources required to assure proper reimbursements, comply with federal and commercial guidelines, and stay compliant with the various state, federal, and commercial regulations. ICD-10-CM, became effective October 1, 2015, and brought greater challenges with additional training demands and increased documentation requirements for physicians and other providers of service. CMS and third party payers are spending millions of dollars investigating physician billing practices and the federal government is recovering billions of dollars in healthcare fraud related settlements and judgments through the False Claims Act. A large percentage of these recovery efforts are due to miscoding of claims, misunderstanding of policies, rules and regulations.


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