American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists

Value of Membership

Value of Membership Fee Total Savings
Endocrine Practice Subscription for Members: $0.00  
Endocrine Practice Subscription for Non-Members: $318.00  
Endocrine Specific Coding Course from AACE for Members: $650.00  
General Coding Course from Consulting Firm: $1,000.00  
Empower® and Diabetes Heath Network Patient Publications: $0.00  
Patient Publications through other organizations: $1,340.00  
AACE Annual Meeting Member Registration: $495.00  
AACE Annual Meeting Non-Member Registration: $725.00  
AACE Endocrine Careers® Resume Posting: $0.00  
Career Site Resume Posting Assistance: $250.00  
Basic Thyroid Ultrasound Course Member Registration: $895.00  
Basic Thyroid Ultrasound Course Non-Member Registration: $1195.00  
Legislative Advocacy   Priceless
Total Value of Member Benefits:

Sample of Potential Increased Revenue ECNU Certification to minimize thyroid procedure reimbursement hassles: $900.00 Potential annual reimbursement for 1 Thyroid Ultrasounds per month: $2,472.00 Potential annual reimbursement for 1 Ultrasound Guidance per month: $1,476.00 Potential annual reimbursement for 1 Fine Needle Aspiration per month: $1,632.00

Total Potential Increased Revenue:
Overall Total Value of AACE Membership:
Maximum Cost of Membership Dues:
Total Savings from AACE Membership: $8,943.00
Your Membership return on investment is 27:1!

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