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AACE Members with Socioeconomic issues may utilize this webpage to access information that may be helpful for the management of your endocrine practice. In addition to this webpage, AACE helps to develop policies and strategies, as well as, serves as a membership resource, related to the effective positioning of the clinical endocrinologists, within the managed care or integrated health care delivery system.

The content of the Socioeconomic webpage is provided under the direction of the AACE Socioeconomic Committee. The Committee is also responsible for reporting and effectively responding to member hassle factor reports or grievance issues. They further receive reports from members of abuses by managed care, insurance payor, or other third party health care delivery system parties, and develop appropriate responses to resolve and address the problem(s). The Socioeconomic Committee regularly collects, disseminates, and publishes information related to reimbursement and policies for endocrinology services, including the Socioeconomic section in The First Messenger.

For more information, on Socioeconomic related issues, please see below or feel free to contact Michelle Cobb-King, Director of Socioeconomic & Member Advocacy or send an email to the Practice Management Department at

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Are you aware that Congress recently directed HHS to identify EHR vendors who actively limit interoperability and to develop a report on data blocking?

Congress recently directed HHS to identify EHR vendors who actively limit interoperability and to develop a report on data blocking....

Humana Imaging Criteria

Humana recently sent letters to endocrinologists stating they will no longer reimburse for bone densitometry, ultrasound, fluoroscopy, CT, MRI, PET, and cardiac nuclear medicine studies effective March 1, 2015, unless they meet specific criteria. ...

ECNU Certification Requirement for Endocrinologists who Perform Thyroid Ultrasound & Ultrasonic Guidance for Biopsy who are Participating with Horizon NJ

In order to receive reimbursement for thyroid ultrasound (CPT 76536) or ultrasonic guidance for biopsy (CPT 76942) as a Horizon participating physician you will be required to earn your ECNU certification by June 1, 2015. Also note, that in order to be ...

Private Contracting/Opting out of Medicare

With the recent changes to Medicare reimbursement and reporting requirements, many physicians are asking whether they should continue as Medicare participating physicians or whether they should stop accepting Medicare altogether. While the answer to the a...

Disclosure Requirements for In-Office Ancillary Services

As part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, physicians will be required to notify their patients in writing, a list of other local imaging suppliers, including the supplier's name, address, telephone number and how far the provider is locat...

Clarification on Previous AACE Member Alert Regarding Thyroid Ultrasound Denials

Many AACE members have raised questions regarding the previous member alert concerning thyroid ultrasound denials and future changes in the private insurance payers' payment policies for thyroid/parathyroid ultrasounds....

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