American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists

AACEPAC Challenge

The AACEPAC Challenge is a friendly annual competition among AACE domestic chapters to increase awareness and contributions for AACEPAC, one of the most effective advocacy tools AACE has to influence Members of Congress and achieve our legislative priorities. The clout of political action committees is unquestioned as demonstrated by some of the recent legislative successes AACE has achieved with the help of our congressional champions supported by AACEPAC. AACE members are strongly encouraged to show their chapter pride and support their AACE chapter in the Challenge by joining AACEPAC.

The Challenge includes three categories:
Highest number of AACEPAC Members
Highest percentage of AACEPAC Members
Highest dollar amount of AACEPAC contributions raised

Below are the results for the 2017 AACEPAC contribution cycle; to review the 2016 AACEPAC Challenge charts, click here.

AACEPAC is annual contribution and challenges YOU to demonstrate your commitment to AACE advocacy and show support for those Members of Congress who are champions for AACE legislative priorities. The grand prize is one that everyone can share with your colleagues and patients – elected Members of Congress who share AACE’s legislative goals and will work for their enactment.


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