Value of Membership

Value of Membership
Fee                       Total Savings

Endocrine Practice Subscription for Members: $0.00
Endocrine Practice Subscription for Non-Members: $318.00
Endocrine Specific Coding Course from AACE for Members: $650.00
General Coding Course from Consulting Firm: $1,000.00
Empower® and Diabetes Heath Network Patient Publications: $0.00
Patient Publications through other organizations: $1,340.00
AACE Annual Meeting Member Registration: $495.00
AACE Annual Meeting Non-Member Registration: $725.00
AACE Endocrine Careers® Resume Posting: $0.00
Career Site Resume Posting Assistance: $250.00
Basic Thyroid Ultrasound Course Member Registration: $895.00
Basic Thyroid Ultrasound Course Non-Member Registration: $1195.00
5 page Practice Website from AACE Impact Graphics with discount: $1,800.00
5 page Practice Website for Non- Members: $2,000.00
Legislative Advocacy Priceless
Total Value of Member Benefits:

Sample of Potential Increased Revenue

ECNU Certification to minimize thyroid procedure reimbursement
hassles: $900.00
Potential annual reimbursement for 1 Thyroid Ultrasounds per month: $2,472.00
Potential annual reimbursement for 1 Ultrasound Guidance per month: $1,476.00
Potential annual reimbursement for 1 Fine Needle Aspiration per month: $1,632.00

Total Potential Increased Revenue:

Overall Total Value of AACE Membership:

Maximum Cost of Membership Dues:

Total Savings from AACE Membership: $7,418.00

Your Membership return on investment is 28:1!


AACE Clinical Practice Guidelines are systematically developed, evidence-based documents that assist practitioners about appropriate health care decisions

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AACE's Position Statements meet rigorous criteria before being published and utilized and serve as one of the worlds' most trusted sources


AACE continually strives to bring to the world definitive protocols, guidelines and discoveries which further and enhance the greater medical health of the general public.

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