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AACE Endo Source® Provides Endocrine Professionals with Comprehensive and Up-to-Date Endocrine Healthcare Resources Online

The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists is pleased to announce the addition of AACE Endo Source® as an online resource service for its members. AACE Endo Source®, different from any other healthcare web service available today, is a novel and comprehensive resource delivery model that will meet the needs of enhanced patient care for both endocrine professionals and their patients with endocrine disease. The service is powered by Healthcare Resources Online.

AACE Endo Source® works by connecting American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists members to the resources they want, when and where they want it. It is designed to create an unbiased, no-cost community for healthcare professionals; a solution to the challenge of efficiently aligning available resources with providers and their patients.

AACE Endo Source® provides a single place for members to find a full array of available endocrine and other product resources, easy to search and easy to order, all at no cost. This "one stop shop" for resources also provides members significant time savings that they would otherwise spend browsing and surfing the web for suitable resources for their patients.

Resources include over 10,000 patient education materials, product coupons, samples & vouchers, product information and a variety of patient assistance programs for each product. Resources from the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists will also be readily available through AACE Endo Source®. Available on the platform are over 1200 commercially available products, covering classes both within and outside of endocrine care. Members will also have the ability to connect with industry and peers, participate in market research and easily find clinical trials suitable for their patients by searching the largest US clinical trial database with an easy-to-use search interface.

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