Your Path to ECNU Recertification

If you were certified in 2009, your recertification is due by January 1, 2020. Complete your requirements and apply for recertification in 2019.

1. To begin the recertification process email with a request to apply for recertification. Please include a statement attesting that you perform on average at least 100 diagnostic thyroid US examinations and/or UGFNA procedures annually (at least 30 of the total 100 must be USGFNA) and provide the total number of diagnostic US examinations and UGFNA procedures performed within the twelve (12) months preceding the recertification process.

2. Provide documentation verifying the completion of a minimum of 50 CME hours of ECNU approved AMA recognized Category 1 CME in ultrasound performed during the prior ten-year interval. Documentation must be in the form of certificates or letters issued by the accrediting organization. Documentation can be emailed to: or uploaded here:

3. Upon receipt of your request/attestations and CME documentation the ECNU Certification Manager will email you an invoice for the Recertification fees. 4. After submitting payment, please use the VCP Recertification PPT template to submit images and US reports for 5 diagnostic ultrasounds performed within the 12 months preceding recertification for which FNA biopsy was performed. Cases can be emailed to or uploaded here:

Please refer to the ECNU Recertification Handbook for detailed information on the recertification process.

Take Charge of Your CMEs and Recertify with Ease

ECNU recertification requires documentation verifying the completion of a minimum of 50 CME hours of AMA-recognized Category 1 CME in ultrasound.

  • Plan to earn 15/16 credits each three-year segment over the 10-year certification period. 50 credits must be earned to begin the recertification process.

  • Documentation must be in the form of certificates or letters issued by the accrediting organization.

Approved Ultrasound Course Subjects for CME Credits include:

  • Thyroidology

  • Parathyroid disease

  • Thyroid and endocrine cancer

  • Advanced procedures (interventional ultrasonography, PEI, etc.)

  • Doppler applications in neck ultrasound

Current ECNU Recertification Credit opportunities include:

ASAP: 21 Credits -

ECNU Credit approved modules:

  1. Disorders of the Thyroid Gland Module- 14.0 credit hours

  2. Parathyroid and Bone Mineral Disorders Module- 7.0 credit hours

Thyroid Cancer Cases: 1 Credit -

Minimalistic Initial Therapy Options for Low Risk Papillary Thyroid Cancer: 1 Credit -

New Concepts in Endocrine Surgery: 1 Credit -

Pitfalls and Advancements in the Management of Advanced Thyroid Cancer: 1 Credit -

Thyroid Cancer Tumor Board Cases: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly and Thyroid Cancer Jeopardy: 3.25 Credits -

Parathyroid Imaging and Representative Cases: 1 Credit -

Practical Thyroid Cancer Update: Molecular Genetics, Clinical Science and the Cutting Edge: .75 Credit -

Provocative Questions in Thyroid Nodule Evaluation: 1 Credit-

Endocrine Society:

ENDO 2019 Session Recordings: 14 Credits

American Thyroid Association:

Annual Meeting: Oct 30-November 3, 2019: Credit varies based on attended sessions

Endocrine Neck Advanced Ultrasound Course: October 30, 2019 – 6.5 Credits

American Institute of Ultrasound Medicine:

AIUM Journal/Articles/Webinars/Videos:

American College of Surgeons:

American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress 2019 - PG Courses, 10/27/2019- 7.75 Credits/6.0 Credits