Eligibility and Fees

Join AACE and Save on the ECNU Program

The ECNU Program is open to both AACE and non-AACE members.

The AACE Neck Ultrasound Certification Council has established the eligibility criteria to qualify for the ECNU Program. Candidates applying for the ECNU Program may qualify through one (1) of the seven (7) routes and must satisfy all requirements for the chosen route in order to be eligible for ECNU. Please read the ECNU Candidate Handbook to learn about the eligibility requirements for the ECNU Program.

Successful candidates will pass the Comprehensive Certification Examination (CCE) and pass the Validation of Competency Process (VCP).

Certification Fees

Candidates who wish to obtain ECNU designation must complete the certification program and pay the fees for both the CCE and the VCP. AACE members save $300 on the program. The fee structure for the ECNU Program is as follows:

AACE Member

  • CCE $350
  • VCP $900
  • Total $1,250


  • CCE $550
  • VCP $1,000
  • Total $1,550


  • CCE $250
  • VCP $800
  • Total $1,050

International testing site fee


Important Notes

  • Fees for CCE and VCP will be collected separately.
  • The candidate's first payment will be for the CCE. After application review, qualified candidates will receive an invoice for the CCE portion of the ECNU Certification Program.
  • Candidates should not pay for the VCP fee until they receive official written notification from AACE that they passed the CCE.

Additional Information for Fellows

A letter from Department Chair verifying status must accompany the application. Fellow's fees only apply if candidate is in the final year of fellowship program. Fellows who have completed the fellowship program will be charged the AACE member rate.