Endocrine Certification in Neck Ultrasound (ECNU) Program


Application Deadline: 10/10/2015
Examination Session Dates: 11/09/2015 – 12/05/2015

Join the growing number of physicians certified in the ACE Endocrine Certification in Neck Ultrasound!

Certification increases public and patient confidence in thyroid ultrasound practice.

ECNU is a professional certification in the field of neck ultrasonography for physicians who perform consultations and diagnostic evaluations for thyroid and parathyroid disorders through both diagnostic ultrasound and ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration (UGFNA).

The ECNU credential signifies that an individual has passed the Comprehensive Certification Examination (CCE) and has successfully completed the Validation of Competency Process (VCP). Successful candidates can use the ECNU designation after their names.

Participation in the ECNU Program is voluntary and open to anyone meeting the eligibility requirements. Membership in the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) is not required.

ECNU is recognized by the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM), one of the preeminent, national accreditation bodies for ultrasound practices, and allows those with the ECNU credential to be directors of ultrasound laboratories and apply for AIUM Practice Accreditation. Also, it is expected that achieving ECNU certification will become increasingly important in the future for reimbursement from Medicare and third party payors.

To learn more about the ECNU Program, please read the Candidate Handbook. You can download the 2015 ECNU Program Candidate Handbook by clicking here.

The ECNU Program is comprised of the following steps. Please note that all candidates must satisfy both Step 1 and Step 2 in order to receive the ECNU designation.

STEP 1: Comprehensive Certification Examination (CCE)

The CCE is a multiple-choice, computer-based examination consisting of 100 questions. The examination will be administered at Prometric™ sites located throughout the United States. Candidates are given two (2) hours to complete the examination. For more information on Prometric™, please go to www.prometric.com.

The CCE will cover the following major topic areas:

  1. Principles of Ultrasound Imaging – 15%
  2. Neck Anatomy – 15%
  3. Thyroid Pathology – 34%
  4. Parathyroid Pathology – 10%
  5. Lymph Node Pathology – 10%
  6. Ultrasound-Guided Fine Needle Aspiration (UGFNA) – 16%

STEP 2: Validation of Competency Process (VCP)

The Validation of Competency Process assesses the physician's demonstrated competency, activity, and level of skills to interpret and report complete diagnostic ultrasound examinations (either performed by a supervised certified ultrasound technologist or personally by the physician), and to perform and report UGFNA procedures.

The VCP requires submission of a total of fifteen (15) ultrasound (US) studies and reports, and must be submitted in accordance to the VCP Instructions for Ultrasound Procedure Reports.

Refer to the Validation of Competency Process (VCP) section of the Candidate Handbook for detailed requirements and instructions regarding the validation process.

STEP 3: ECNU Program Completion (Issuance of ECNU Certificate and ECNU Designation)

Endocrine Certification in Neck Ultrasound (ECNU) is a professional designation awarded to individuals who meet specified knowledge requirements, measured through a standardized examination and validation of competency process in diagnostic ultrasound and ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration (UGFNA).

  • Upon successfully completing the VCP, the candidate will have earned the right to use the ECNU designation after his/her name.
  • A formal letter, ECNU Certificate, and ECNU lapel pin will be sent to candidates who have successfully completed the ECNU Program.
  • Certification is valid for 10 years.

The ECNU Program is open to both AACE and non-AACE members. The ACE Neck Ultrasound Certification Council has established the eligibility criteria to qualify for the ECNU Program. Candidates applying for the ECNU Program may qualify through one (1) of the seven (7) routes, and must satisfy all requirements for the chosen route in order to be eligible for ECNU. Please read the Candidate Handbook to find out if you are eligible to apply for the ECNU Program.


Candidates who wish to obtain ECNU designation must complete the certification program and pay the fees for both the CCE and the VCP. The fee structure for the ECNU Program is as follows:

AACE Member $350 $900 $1,250
Non-AACE Member $550 $1,000 $1,550
*Fellows $250 $800 $1,050

*NOTE FOR FELLOWS: A letter from Department Chair verifying status must accompany application. Fellow's fees only apply if candidate is in his/her final year of fellowship program. Fellows who have completed the fellowship program will be charged the AACE Member rate.

  • Fees for CCE and VCP will be collected separately.
  • The candidate's first payment will be for the CCE, and this must be submitted with the candidate's ECNU Program Application.
  • Candidates should not pay for the VCP fee until they receive official written notification from ACE that they passed the CCE.

Application period for the Fall, Comprehensive Certification Examination (CCE)
has been scheduled for 08/24/2015 – 10/10/2015.

The ECNU Program Application form can be downloaded from the AACE website. Applications can be submitted to ACE either online or by postal mail, depending on your preference.

1. Paper Application

You can download the paper application from the AACE website here. For your reference, all forms are also included in the Candidate Handbook.

Paper applicants must include their payment with the application, and may use a credit card or personal check as form of payment. Please make checks payable to the American College of Endocrinology (ACE). Checks must be in U.S. dollars and drawn on a U.S. bank.

An application cannot be processed until all fees are paid in full. For a detailed fee structure, see the payment section of the application.

2. Online Application

To access the online application:

  • Online applicants must provide a valid (working) e-mail address that is capable of receiving e-mail from ACE.
  • Please apply online here (AACE Members must be logged in to receive Member Prices).

Proceed through each screen of the application, carefully following the on-screen instructions and providing the information required. Applicants must complete all sections of the online application. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

ECNU Certification Registry

The following individuals have successfully completed the Endocrine Certification in Neck Ultrasound (ECNU) Program and have earned the ECNU designation.

Dima Abdelmannan,MD, ECNU08/11/2010Shaker HeightsOHUSA
Devaprabu Abraham,MD, MRCP, ECNU03/13/2013Salt Lake CityUTUSA
Mohamad Abu-Hijleh,MD, FRCP, FACE, ECNU08/07/2011AbdounAmmanJordan
Shahzad Ahmad ,MD, FACE, ECNU07/01/2012ProvoUTUSA
Sara Ahmadi,MD, ECNU01/05/2015San AntonioTXUSA
Mandana Ahmadian,MD, ECNU10/12/2011BellevueWAUSA
Hassan Al Humrani,MD, ECNU12/12/2011Eastern ProvinceAlhassaSaudi Arabia
Hiba Al-Dabagh,MBBS, ECNU10/19/2012DavenportFLUSA
Eshraq Al-Jaghbeer,MBBS, ECNU05/25/2009Des PlainesILUSA
Saleh Aldasouqi,MD, FACE, ECNU07/02/2010East LansingMIUSA
Hussam Alhawari,MD, ECNU10/22/2010SpringfieldMOUSA
Abdulrahman Alkabbani,MD, ECNU01/21/2014RiyadhSaudia Arabia
Rami Almokayyad,MD, ECNU06/18/2011AmesIAUSA
David Alster,MD, FACE, ECNU12/07/2011TucsonAZUSA
Yousef Altowaireb,MD, ECNU02/24/2012SpringfieldMAUSA
Agustin Andrade,MD, ECNU01/21/2014MiamiFLUSA
Adeela Ansari,MD, ECNU01/29/2011SacramentoCAUSA
Deepa Aravind,MD, FACE, ECNU08/20/2013MedfordNYUSA
Mary Arden-Cordone,MD, ECNU10/02/2010StamfordCTUSA
Miguel Ariza,MD, ECNU06/20/2011MaldenMAUSA
Ernest Asamoah,MD, FRCP, FACP, FACE, ECNU02/27/2009FortvilleINUSA
Donald Aspenson,MD, FACE, ECNU09/29/2010TulsaOKUSA
Ghobad Azizi,MD, ECNU02/12/2010WilmingtonNCUSA
Shadi Badrieh,MD, ECNU07/29/2011JoplinMOUSA
Georges Bahsali,MD, ECNU03/16/2015LavalQuebecCanada
Timothy Bailey,MD, FACP, FACE, ECNU10/09/2009EscondidoCAUSA
Dewey Bailey, III,MD, FACE, ECNU07/12/2015RoanokeVAUSA
Chris Bajaj,DO, ECNU02/10/2014Fort WorthTXUSA
Harpreet Bajaj,MD, ECNU01/25/2011bramptonOntarioCanada
Anthony Barber,MD, FACE, ECNU01/27/2009HickoryNCUSA
Ricardo Bardales,MD, MIAC, ECNU03/21/2014SacramentoCAUSA
Tres Barrera,MD, ECNU03/08/2015Round RockTXUSA
Alaaeldin Bashier,MD, FACE, ECNU11/04/2013DubaiUAE
Ruggero Battan,MD, FACE, ECNU04/24/2009Grand RapidsMIUSA
Jeffrey Bauman,MD, ECNU01/27/2009Lake HiawathaNJUSA
Bridget Beier,DO, ECNU02/13/2013PittsburghPAUSA
Shirley Bembo,MD, FACE, ECNU02/06/2015Franklin ParkNJUSA
Danielle Benaviv-Meskin,MD, ECNU03/02/2015TrumballCTUSA
Cynthia Benedict,MD, ECNU12/31/2012IndianapolisINUSA
Mehtap Berkmen,MD, ECNU07/29/2011WaterburyCTUSA
Rajiv Bhambri,MD, MBBS, ECNU03/25/2015MelbourneFLUSA
William Biggs,MD, FACE, ECNU12/16/2010AmarilloTXUSA
Azza Bin Hussain,MD, MRCP, ECNU09/08/2014DubaiUAE
Howard Blank,MD, ECNU01/19/2015Bloomfield HillsMIUSA
Mihaela Blendea,MD, ECNU08/28/2012WorcesterMAUSA
Thomas Blevins,MD, FACE, ECNU02/10/2011AustinTXUSA
Brittany Bohinc,MD, ECNU05/26/2014DurhamNCUSA
James Bonucchi,DO, ECNU09/05/2009SpartaMOUSA
Anna Boron,MD, ECNU06/21/2015PhoenixAZUSA
Gillian Boyd-Woschinko,MD, ECNU02/27/2015RidgewoodNJUSA
Peter Boyer,MD, ECNU12/02/2011Jefferson CityMOUSA
Neal Breit,MD, CNSP, ECNU01/12/2014New YorkNYUSA
James Brennan,MD, FACE, ECNU01/21/2010ColumbiaSCUSA
Elise Brett,MD, FACE, ECNU07/02/2009New YorkNYUSA
Deborah Brigell,MD, FACE, ECNU02/05/2010BelmontMAUSA
Maria Brito-Ferreiras,MD, ECNU03/31/2015Great NeckNYUSA
Gilbert Brovar,MD, ECNU07/27/2010Jamaica PlainMAUSA
Arthur Bucci,MD, FACE, ECNU01/29/2013PittsburghPAUSA
Deepti Bulchandani,MD, ECNU07/23/2012GallatinTNUSA
Camille Buonocore,MD, FACE, ECNU10/21/2012PittsburghPAUSA
Peter Butler,MD, ECNU08/08/2013SpringfieldMAUSA
Victor Carlo-Chevere,MD02/02/2014San JuanPRUSA
Nathan Carnell,MD, FACE, ECNU01/29/2009LovettsvilleVAUSA
Constantin Carseli,MD, FACE, ECNU07/27/2011MysticCTUSA
Luis Casaubon,MD, ECNU05/04/2011AustinTXUSA
Danielle Castillo,MD07/24/2015ChesapeakeVAUSA
Judith Castillo-Perez,MD, ECNU07/29/2010FairfieldCTUSA
Arturo Castro,MD, FACE, ECNU04/21/2009Spring HillFLUSA
Oscar Castro,MD, FACE, ECNU06/29/2012Palm HarborFLUSA
Tira Chaicha-Brom,MD, ECNU12/08/2014AustinTXUSA
Niyutchai Chaithongdi,MD, ECNU07/28/2015FargoNDUSA
Khushbu Chandarana,MD, ECNU11/01/2012RaleighNCUSA
Anil Chandel,MD, ECNU04/24/2011WauwatosaWIUSA
Sumesh Chandra,MD, FACE, ECNU08/11/2014TampaFLUSA
Nanjappa Chandramohan,MD, FACE, ECNU11/20/2009OcalaFLUSA
Marina Charitou,MD, ECNU03/28/2014Dix HillsNYUSA
Marcy Cheifetz,MD, ECNU04/01/2011NeedhamMAUSA
Ailian Chen,MD, ECNU11/22/2009Atlantic BeachNYUSA
Vicky Cheng,MD, ECNU07/23/2012DedhamMAUSA
Anna Chernov,MD, FACE, ECNU02/02/2015MontvaleNJUSA
Robert Cheron,MD, FACE, ECNU08/14/2009UticaNYUSA
Marcos Chertman,MD, FACE, ECNU03/16/2012Miami BeachFLUSA
Su-Ynn Chia,MBBS, ECNU12/24/2009SingaporeSingapore
Ana-Maria Chindris,MD, ECNU04/14/2014JacksonvilleFLUSA
Ebele Chira,MD, ECNU02/19/2010HickoryNCUSA
Brandon Chock,MD, ECNU07/22/2012Los AngelesCAUSA
Charles Choe,MD, ECNU04/27/2010San DiegoCAUSA
Karen Choong,MD, ECNU07/26/2011BrightonMAUSA
Muhammad Choudhry,MD, ECNU06/12/2010MarquetteMIUSA
Heiwon Chung-Whang,MD, ECNU06/10/2014AllentownPAUSA
Rhoda Cobin,MD, MACE, ECNU03/28/2015RidgewoodNJUSA
David Cohen,MD, ECNU06/27/2015BostonMAUSA
Edward Condon,MD, ECNU04/06/2009East NorthportNYUSA
Anthony Cryar,MD, FACE, ECNU08/22/2014SaladoTXUSA
Kayla Cunningham,MD, ECNU03/16/2026ColumbiaMDUSA
Jennifer Cunningham,MD, FACE, ECNU10/17/2011Oak ParkILUSA
Sameera Daud-Ahmad,MD, ECNU03/09/2010Old TappanNJUSA
Benjamin Dennis,MD, ECNU06/16/2014ColumbusGAUSA
Navtika Desai,DO, FACE, ECNU03/10/2014Green BrookNJUSA
Devasenan Devendra,MD, ECNU06/19/2010LondonUK
Gauri Dhir,MD, ECNU03/12/2014BalacynwydPAUSA
Monica Dorin Schwarcz,MD, ECNU11/07/2012ValhallaNYUSA
Matthew Draelos,MD, FACE, ECNU12/15/2009EdmondOKUSA
Jeffrey Driben,MD, ECNU08/04/2014WyomissingPAUSA
Daniel Duick,MD, FACE, FACP, ECNU12/31/2012PhoenixAZUSA
Leslie Eldeiry,MD, FACE, ECNU09/13/2009BostonMAUSA
Fareed Elhaj,MD, ECNU09/07/2012HoustonTXUSA
Peter Emerson,MD, ECNU10/22/2010AustinTXUSA
Eric Epstein,MD, ECNU04/25/2011Briarcliff ManorNYUSA
Ahmet Ergin,MD, ECNU10/23/2014MontgomeryALUSA
Valerie Espinosa,MD, ECNU10/06/2011AustinTXUSA
Wesley Fairfield,MD, ECNU01/21/2014LewistonMEUSA
Saba Faiz,MD, ECNU04/01/2013LititzPAUSA
Vera Fajtova,MD, FACE, ECNU10/08/2009SudburyMAUSA
Alan Feldman,MD, FACE, ECNU08/29/2011Jupiter FLUSA
Rebecca Fenichel,MD, ECNU07/12/2012New YorkNYUSA
Andrea Ferenczi,MD, ECNU06/30/2010Sun City WestAZUSA
Mary Irene Feria,MD, ECNU11/04/2013KennewickWAUSA
Surani Fernando,MD, FACE, ECNU04/06/2012New HavenCTUSA
Svetlana Fomin,MD, FACE, ECNU06/23/2015Point PleasantNJUSA
Justin Fontenot,MD, ECNU09/07/2010LafayetteLAUSA
Christopher Fox,MD, ECNU10/01/2009SuperiorCOUSA
Shari Fox,MD, FACE, ECNU05/25/2011EnglewoodCOUSA
Todd Frieze,MD, FACP, FACE, ECNU04/02/2010BiloxiMSUSA
Jason Gaglia,MD, ECNU01/26/2010BostonMAUSA
Sandi-Jo Galati,MD, ECNU08/21/2014TrumballCTUSA
Michael Garcia,MD, MACE, ECNU10/28/2009West BloomfieldMIUSA
Paige Gault,MD, ECNU08/13/2013SimpsonvilleSCUSA
Alina Gavrila,MD, MMSc, ECNU02/10/2011FraminghamMAUSA
Zsofia Geck,MD, ECNU05/20/2010SarasotaFLUSA
Penny Glickman,MD, FACE, ECNU03/16/2015MaitlandFLUSA
Philip Goldberg,MD, FACE, ECNU12/26/2010GuilfordCTUSA
Allan Golding,MD, FACE, ECNU09/18/2013HollywoodFLUSA
James Goldman,MD, FACE, ECNU02/09/2010NewtonMAUSA
Michael Gonzales,MD, ECNU01/27/2014HattiesburgMSUSA
Thottathil Gopan,MD, ECNU09/08/2010MunsterINUSA
Stanislav Goykhman,MD, ECNU01/03/2011Cliffside ParkNJUSA
Kamal Greiss,MD, FRCP, FACP, FACE, ECNU07/26/2011WyckoffNJUSA
Nicole Greyshock,MD, ECNU01/19/2015FayettevilleNCUSA
Mai Gu ,MD, PhD, ECNU09/18/2013OrangeCAUSA
Mahima Gulati,MD, MSc, ECNU11/18/2014DanburyCTUSA
Zain Gulzar,MD, FACE, ECNU01/10/2011DubaiDubayyUAE
Ratnasiri Gunawardena,MD, ECNU07/28/2010Virginia BeachVAUSA
Bhaskar Gundabolu,MD, MPH, ECNU03/10/2013ToldeoOHUSA
Maria Guoth,MD, FACE, ECNU10/05/2011GreenwichCTUSA
Ashita Gupta,MD, MPH, ECNU12/19/2012New YorkNYUSA
Ankur Gupta,MD, FACE, ECNU08/11/2015DaytonOHUSA
Richard Guttler,MD, FACP, FACE, ECNU02/22/2010Santa MonicaCAUSA
Haleh Haerian,MD, ECNU10/02/2010DuncansvillePAUSA
Majd Hakim,MD, FACE, ECNU01/01/2010FrederickMDUSA
Julie Hallanger-Johnson,MD, ECNU05/08/2010FargoNDUSA
Zulekha Hamid,MD, ECNU02/14/2012Little RockARUSA
Thomas Hamilton,MD, PhD, ECNU07/29/2009BellevueWAUSA
Kathleen Hands,MD, FACE, ECNU11/05/2008HelotesTXUSA
Lenita Hanson,MD, FACE, ECNU12/17/2009Punta GordaFLUSA
Wasim Haque,MD, FACE, ECNU09/05/2009CoppellTXUSA
Emir Harari,MD, ECNU01/12/2014ScottsdaleAZUSA
Richard Harrell,MD, FACP, FACE, ECNU04/10/2010Boca RatonFLUSA
Lindsay Harrison,MD, ECNU11/12/2014AustinTXUSA
Pamela Hartzband,MD, ECNU07/28/2010BrooklineMAUSA
Kristin Helm,MD, ECNU12/16/2010MiltonMAUSA
James Hennessey,MD, ECNU07/29/2010NeedhamMAUSA
Ziad Hinedi,MD, ECNU07/15/2014SharonMAUSA
Jason Hollander,MD, ECNU04/08/2011LawrencevilleNJUSA
Eric Horst,MD, FACE, ECNU09/28/2011ColumbiaSCUSA
Runhua Hou,MD, ECNU07/25/2011RochesterNYUSA
Daniel Huberman,MD, ECNU04/26/2015SummitNJUSA
Patrick Hungerford,MD, ECNU10/01/2010MedfordORUSA
Syed Hussain,MD, ECNU11/16/2011MetuchenNJUSA
Hammad Hussain,MD, ECNU07/19/2012QuincyILUSA
John Interlandi,MD, CCD, FACE, ECNU12/29/2009NashvilleTNUSA
Bhanu Iyer,MD, FACE, ECNU01/07/2015SomersetNJUSA
Linda Jaffe,MD, FACE, ECNU12/17/2010NewtonMAUSA
Akshay Jain,MD, ECNU02/24/2014CalgaryAlbertaCanada
Mudit Jain,MD, FACE, ECNU08/04/2011PlantationFLUSA
Prasuna Jami,MD, ECNU01/15/2013LouisvilleWVUSA
Anwar Jammah,MD, FACP, FRCP(c), ECNU12/28/2009RiyadhAr RiyadSaudi Arabia
Elizabeth Jenkins,MD, ECNU02/22/2015ColumbiaMDUSA
Qing Jia,MD, FACE, ECNU05/30/2015GarlandTXUSA
Luis Jimenez-Briceno,MD, ECNU05/03/2010La UnionCartagoCosta Rica
Medhavi Jogi,MD, ECNU09/30/2012HoustonTXUSA
Jann Johnston,MD, FACE, ECNU10/15/2012PittsburghPAUSA
Ansu Joy,MD, ECNU05/15/2013PrincetonNJUSA
Olga Kaliebe,MD, ECNU02/04/2014New OrleansLAUSA
Sherief Kamel,MD, FACE, ECNU09/02/2010Lynn HavenFLUSA
Subramanian Kannan,MD, ECNU04/08/2014BangaloreIndia
Heidi Karon,MD, ECNU03/11/2013ColumbiaMDUSA
Alan Kauppi,MD, ECNU02/15/2015LynchburgVAUSA
Saka Kazeem,MD, FACE, ECNU02/12/2014BrooklynNYUSA
Adam Kelman,MD, FACE, ECNU04/27/2015RidgewoodNJUSA
Maryam Khan,MD, ECNU05/11/2012NarberthPAUSA
Uzma Khan,MD, ECNU02/27/2010Jefferson CityMOUSA
Sleman Khoury,MD, ECNU08/23/2011West BloomfieldMIUSA
Caroline Kim,MD, ECNU08/02/2011PhiladelphiaPAUSA
Karen Knudsen,MD, ECNU12/28/2013WilliamsburgVAUSA
Thomas Koroscil,MD, FACE, ECNU08/14/2009BeavercreekOHUSA
Diane Krieger,MD, ECNU08/03/2009MiamiFLUSA
Ramona Krutzik,MD, ECNU05/20/2011BrawleyCAUSA
Rekha Kumari-Agarwal,MD, FACE, ECNU02/24/2010PhoenixAZUSA
Jacqueline Kung,MD, ECNU09/03/2013CambridgeMAUSA
Daniel Kuriloff,MD, FACS, ECNU11/23/2014New YorkNYUSA
Laura LaBoone,MD, ECNU02/19/2015ColumbiaSCUSA
Darren Lackan,MD, FACE, ECNU12/08/2009Fort WorthTXUSA
Amanda LaGreca,MD, ECNU08/15/2014New YorkNYUSA
Kishore Lakshman,MD, MPH, ECNU04/26/2011SeekonkMAUSA
Abby Landzberg,MD, ECNU05/02/2011South WeymouthMAUSA
Robert Lane,MD, ECNU09/03/2013AuburnKSUSA
Philip Lapp,MD, FACE, ECNU03/01/2009West RutlandVTUSA
David Lasseter,MD, FACE, ECNU05/03/2014SuffolkVAUSA
Elizabeth Lawler,MD, ECNU01/06/2015MarionILUSA
Stephanie Lee,MD, PhD, ECNU01/24/2013BostonMAUSA
Jennifer Lee,MD, ECNU03/17/2010NewtonMAUSA
Esther Lee,MD, FACE, ECNU09/22/2014TenaflyNJUSA
Jonathan Leffert,MD, FACE, FACP, ECNU07/26/2012DallasTXUSA
James Leu,MD, ECNU12/09/2013WayneNJUSA
Robert Levine,MD, FACE, ECNU03/24/2010HollisNHUSA
Wai Ping Li,DO, ECNU07/22/2012FrederickMDUSA
Barry Lifschitz,MD, FACP, FACE, ECNU12/13/2009SuffernNYUSA
Usah Lilavivat,MD, FACP, CDE, FACE, ECNU11/28/2014SumterSCUSA
Adoree Lim,MBBS, MRCP, ECNU06/19/2014SingaporeSingapore
William Litchfield,MD, FACE, ECNU04/27/2009HendersonNVUSA
Zhao Liu,MD, ECNU02/17/2013DanversMAUSA
Lisen Liu,MD, ECNU05/04/2015FlushingNYUSA
Supna Lowery,MD, ECNU08/27/2010FairfaxVAUSA
Mark Lupo,MD, FACE, ECNU07/22/2009SarasotaFLUSA
Michael Magnotti,MD, ECNU01/13/2014TeaneckNJUSA
Azhar Mahrous,MBBS, ECNU01/15/2015RiyadhSaudia Arabia
Tilak Mallik,MD, FACE, ECNU11/28/2012New OrleansLAUSA
Monique Manganelli-Orr,MD, FACE, ECNU05/05/2011La JollaCAUSA
Amir Manzoor,MD, FACE, ECNU06/30/2014Panama CityFLUSA
Debra Margulies,MD, ECNU06/30/2010BrooklynNYUSA
Anna Marino,MD, ECNU09/10/2012LexingtonKYUSA
Lisa Markman,MD, ECNU01/21/2014New YorkNYUSA
Mary Mason,MD, FACE, ECNU05/03/2011Virginia BeachVAUSA
Joseph Mathews,MD, ECNU09/08/2014SummervilleSCUSA
Carolyn Maxwell,MD, ECNU07/11/2014East SetauketNYUSA
Brooks Mays,MD, ECNU01/06/2009PinhurstNCUSA
James McCallum,MD, FACE, ECNU09/09/2009San DiegoCAUSA
Karen McCowen,MD, ECNU04/11/2010Chestnut HillMAUSA
Megan McGarvey,MD, ECNU02/13/2012La JollaCAUSA
Mario McNally,MD, FACP, FACE, ECNU07/28/2010New OrleansLAUSA
Jeffrey Mechanick,MD, FACP, FACE, FACN, ECNU10/02/2009New YorkNYUSA
Ana Mendoza-Salazar,MD, ECNU04/29/2010BangorMEUSA
Caroline Messer,MD, ECNU01/21/2013Mt. KiscoNYUSA
Linda Meyers,MD, ECNU06/30/2014CharlestonSCUSA
Brian Michael,MD, FACE, ECNU02/11/2013YorkPAUSA
Bradford Michell,MD, FACS, ECNU01/25/2014MorgantownWVUSA
Sally Middleton,MD, ECNU09/13/2014IndianapolisINUSA
Joseph Milburn, Jr.,MD, ECNU01/05/2014DallasTXUSA
Gerald Minkowitz,MD01/24/2014BrooklynNYUSA
Deric Morrison,MD, FRCPC, ECNU09/27/2013LondonOntarioCanada
Lianke Mu,MD, FACE, ECNU05/21/2009TrussvilleALUSA
Muhammad Mujammami,MD, ECNU04/14/2015MontrealQuebec CityCanada
Akta Mukherjee,MD, ECNU09/19/2012 MidlothianVAUSA
Guy Mulligan,MD, ECNU02/17/2011AuroraOHUSA
Miguel Munoz,MD, ECNU08/15/2014MariettaGAUSA
Huda Mustafa,MD, ECNU08/18/2011Abu DhabiAbu ZabyUAE
Prashant Nadkarni,FACE, ECNU06/12/2010Wilkes BarrePAUSA
Hirisadarahally Nagaraja,MD, FACE, ECNU05/11/2010NoblesvilleINUSA
Rosalie Naglieri,MD, ECNU03/13/2011ColumbiaMDUSA
Samer Nakhle,MD, FACE, ECNU02/11/2011Las VegasNVUSA
Kanakasabai Narasimhan,MD, FACP, ECNU08/20/2010ColumbiaSCUSA
Christian Nasr,MD, FACP, FACE, ECNU06/13/2011WestlakeOHUSA
Huong Nguyen,MD, ECNU09/24/2010GaithersburgMDUSA
Daniel Noiseux,MD, ECNU02/26/2010LongueuillCanada
Paul Norwood,MD, ECNU12/26/2009FresnoCAUSA
Douglas Notman,MD, FACP, FACE, ECNU02/09/2010ZeelandMIUSA
Arash Nourparvar,MD, FACE, ECNU09/09/2009Los AngelesCAUSA
Gabrielle OConnor,MD, ECNU05/01/2010San Juan CapistranoCAUSA
Ian Orozco,MD, FACE08/05/2015HickoryNCUSA
Ibitoro Osakwe,MBBS, MD, ECNU08/30/2010SuffieldCTUSA
Olga Ostmann,MD, ECNU08/08/2011PinehurstNCUSA
Kerem Ozer,MD, ECNU01/03/2012AustinTXUSA
Antonio Pantaleo,MD, ECNU06/21/2010StamfordCTUSA
Kevin Pantalone,DO, ECNU08/29/2011StreetsboroOHUSA
Claudia Panzer,MD, ECNU11/03/2009DenverCOUSA
Achilles Paparsenos,MD, ECNU08/11/2010YardleyPAUSA
John Parker,MD, FACE, ECNU09/13/2009WilmingtonNCUSA
Arti Patel,MD, ECNU08/12/2010Chester SpringsPAUSA
Leera Patel,Md, ECNU08/25/2011LexingtonKYUSA
Jill Paulson,MD, ECNU11/12/2012BostonMAUSA
Babak Pazooki,MD, MSc, ECNU12/11/2008CasperWYUSA
Roger Peckham,MD, FACE, ECNU12/08/2009WestlakeOHUSA
Samara Peña,MD, ECNU06/30/2010BostonMAUSA
Rodolfo Perez,MD, ECNU05/19/2010HialeahFLUSA
Alexander Perkelvald,MD, ECNU09/16/2012BrooklynNYUSA
David Pillinger,MD, ECNU05/22/2014CharlotteNCUSA
Deepa Ponnusamy,MD, ECNU08/16/2015TempleTXUSA
James Powell,MD, FACE, ECNU01/16/2012HattiesburgMSUSA
Jeereddi Prasad,MD, FACE, ECNU01/11/2010ClaremontCAUSA
Ammar Qoubaitary,MD, ECNU05/28/2012San RamonCAUSA
Ambreen Qureshi,MD, ECNU01/21/2015TampaFLUSA
Fariba Rahnema,MD, FACE, ECNU10/26/2012Las VegasNVUSA
Uma Rangaraj,MD, FACP, ECNU11/02/2012MonroeLAUSA
Mandip Rawla,MD, ECNU04/25/2015NorfolkVAUSA
Radha Reddy,MD, FACE, ECNU08/30/2014ClaremontCAUSA
Sreedevi Reddy,MD, ECNU06/19/2010GilbertAZUSA
Thomas Repas,DO, FACP, FACE, CDE, ECNU04/06/2009HermosaSDUSA
Angela Restrepo,MD, ECNU08/05/2013BeverlyMAUSA
James Restrepo,MD, FACS, ECNU03/18/2014WyommissingPAUSA
L. Reynolds,MD, FACP, FACE, ECNU07/17/2009LexingtonKYUSA
Soo Rhee,MD, ECNU07/02/2012TucsonAZUSA
Maricel Ridella,MD, ECNU02/05/2014Newport NewsVAUSA
Juan Rivera,MD, FACE, ECNU04/20/2014MontrealQuebecCanada
Katherine Roberts,MD, FACE, ECNU09/06/2014WilliamsburgVAUSA
Douglas Robinson,MD, PhD, FACE, ECNU06/12/2010CharlotteNCUSA
Jessica Rockwell,MD, FACE, ECNU03/05/2010CooperstownNYUSA
Vanessa Rodriguez,MD, FACE, ECNU03/11/2010Delray BeachFLUSA
Howard Rosen,MD, FACE, ECNU07/17/2010Overland ParkKSUSA
James Rudick,MD, FACE, FACP, ECNU06/03/2011CantonOHUSA
Eric Rudin,MD, ECNU02/23/2010South SalemNYUSA
Ghandi Saadeh,MD, FACE, ECNU05/11/2010Virginia BeachVAUSA
Ali Safa,MD, FACP, FACE, ECNU05/01/2011Great FallsVAUSA
Raghda Sahloul,MD, FACE, ECNU07/17/2012CharlestonWVUSA
Muhammad Salam,MD, ECNU06/07/2014ColumbiaMOUSA
Tipu Faiz Saleem,MD, FACE, ECNU02/18/2010ProctorvilleOHUSA
Reena Satyawadi,MD, ECNU09/24/2012PittsburghPAUSA
Anna Camellia Schiwek,MD, ECNU08/12/2012BrewsterNYUSA
Alison Schneider,MD, ECNU01/28/2014Mountain GreenUTUSA
Andrew Scoma,MD, FACE, ECNU05/18/2010Winter ParkFLUSA
Venkatesh Babu Segu,MD, FACE, ECNU01/11/2012AustinTXUSA
Laura Selkirk,MD, ECNU08/09/2012South WeymouthMAUSA
Alison Semrad,DO, ECNU11/03/2010Fair OaksCAUSA
Hady Sfeir,MD, ECNU08/25/2009EdwardsILUSA
K.M. Shakir,MD, FRCP, MACP, MACE, ECNU02/22/2010BethesdaMDUSA
Elton Shapiro,MD, CDE, FACP, FACE, ECNU11/08/2012HollywoodFLUSA
Michael Sharon,MD, FACP, ECNU06/09/2010RockvilleMDUSA
Stephanie Shaw,MD, ECNU11/04/2010AustinTXUSA
Ahmad Sheikh,MD, ECNU09/05/2009Cape GirardeauMOUSA
Alexander Shifrin,MD, FACS,FACE, ECNU10/19/2012NeptuneNJUSA
Muhammad Shrayyef,MD, ECNU,FACP06/02/2011Moncton, NBCanada
Christine Signore,MD, ECNU01/21/2013BranfordCTUSA
Kamalpreet Singh,MD, ECNU11/21/2013AustinTXUSA
John Sistrunk,MD, FACE, ECNU09/23/2010JacksonMSUSA
Mark Sklar ,MD, FACE, ECNU07/17/2010McCleanVAUSA
Peter Sklarin,MD, FACP, FACE, ECNU09/29/2009San FranciscoCAUSA
David Sloan,MDCM12/20/2013LexingtonKYUSA
Brian Smolarz,MD, ECNU01/12/2011PrincetonNJUSA
Christopher Sonnier,MD, ECNU03/03/2010ChristiansburgVAUSA
Adam Spitz,MD, FACE, ECNU04/05/2011CharlotteNCUSA
Matthew Spitzer,MD, ECNU10/26/2012BostonMAUSA
Irinel Stanciu,MD, ECNU08/11/2010MeridianIDUSA
Sameer Stas,MD, ECNU01/27/2015SpartaNJUSA
Devin Steenkamp,MD, ECNU11/04/2013West RoxburyMAUSA
Jerrold Stock,MD, FACE, ECN04/10/2010West OrangeNJUSA
Marina Strizhevsky,DO, ECNU06/02/2015Lyndhurst/CliftonNJUSA
Matthew Surgan,MD, ECNU07/08/2015SummitNJUSA
Sherry Sussman,MD, FACE, ECNU09/24/2012SmithtownNYUSA
JonBen Svoboda,MD, FACE, ECNU11/01/2009RogersvilleMOUSA
Mushtaq Syed,MD, FACE, ECNU01/20/2009IndianaPAUSA
Gabriela Szabo,MD, ECNU07/04/2012WorcesterMAUSA
Julie Talavera,MD, ECNU07/26/2010AustinTXUSA
Anjanette Tan,MD, FACE, ECNU07/12/2012Fort WorthTXUSA
Joseph Terrana,MD, FACE, ECNU04/29/2009Kings ParkNYUSA
Alex Tessnow,MD, ECNU01/19/2015DallasTXUSA
Leonard Thaler,MD, FACE, ECNU07/16/2011MiamiFLUSA
K. Thampy,MD, FACE, ECNU07/25/2011Saint LouisMOUSA
Hemant Thawani,MD, FACP, FACE, ECNU01/03/2013FlintMIUSA
Michael Thomas,MD, PhD, FACE, ECNU05/04/2009RaleighNCUSA
Mira Torres,MD, FACE, ECNU11/25/2014WestboroughMAUSA
John Tourtelot,MD, FACP, FACE, ECNU02/05/2011BelleairFLUSA
Neil Tran,MD, ECNU12/26/2010WestminsterCAUSA
William Trigoso,MD, ECNU07/05/2009San AntonioTXUSA
Pedro Troya,MD, ECNU06/24/2011TampaFLUSA
Jagdeesh Ullal,MD, ECNU03/11/2014NorfolkVAUSA
Jacob Vadakekalam,MD, ECNU08/27/2009San AntonioTXUSA
Colleen Veloski,MD, FACE, ECNU07/11/2012PhiladelphiaPAUSA
Mark Versnick,MD, MPH, ECNU06/08/2015WilmingtonNCUSA
Devendra Wadwekar,MD, ECNU04/23/2015GilbertAZUSA
Susan Wang,DO, ECNU04/03/2015FairfieldCTUSA
Julia Warren-Ulanch,MD, ECNU03/15/2011RaleighNCUSA
James Warshaw,MD, PhD, ECNU06/08/2014TauntonMAUSA
Susan Wasserman,MD, FACE, ECNU02/01/2010New Hyde ParkNYUSA
Jay Watsky,MD, FACE, ECNU08/27/2009SlingerlandsNYUSA
Steven Weitzman,MD, FACE, ECNU04/03/2013HoustonTXUSA
Sandra Werbel,MD, FACE, ECNU05/03/2010GainsevilleFLUSA
Linda Werner,MD, FACE, ECNU08/14/2010WestonCTUSA
Craig Wierum,MD, FACE, ECNU03/13/2013NashvilleTNUSA
Laura Williams,MD, ECNU08/30/2014Round RockTXUSA
Milton Wong,MD, FACE, ECNU06/21/2010Las VegasNVUSA
Robert Wozniak,MD, ECNU12/06/2011Rock HillSCUSA
Robert Yanagisawa,MD, ECNU12/29/2014New YorkNYUSA
Abid Yaqub,MBBS, ECNU02/04/2010ProctorvilleOHUSA
Nadia Yaqub,MD, FACP, FACE, ECNU06/11/2010MasonOHUSA
Dima Yeshou,MD, ECNU02/09/2010ParamusNJUSA
Anthony Yin,MD, ECNU07/09/2012San FranciscoCAUSA
Sung-Eun Yoo,MD, ECNU08/02/2011CaryNCUSA
Melissa Young,MD, FACE, ECNU10/02/2010FreeholdNJUSA
Phenu Zachariah,DO, ECNU02/06/2013Cape GirardeauMOUSA
Isabelle Zamfirescu,MD, ECNU01/21/2014South WeymouthMAUSA
Michelle Zaniewski-Singh,MD, FACP, FACE, ECNU12/17/2008SpringTXUSA
Jeffrey Zigman,MD, PhD, ECNU06/25/2015DallasTXUSA
Alexander Zwart,MD, FACP, ECNU12/05/2011TucsonAZUSA

This registry is continuously updated to provide the public with the current list of ECNU-certified individuals.


The Validation of Competency Process assesses the physician's demonstrated competency, activity, and level of skills to interpret and report complete diagnostic ultrasound examinations (either performed by a supervised ARDMS-certified sonographer or personally by the physician), and to perform and report UGFNA procedures.

Successful completion of the Comprehensive Certification Examination (CCE) will entitle the candidate to continue to the Validation of Competency Process (VCP). If the candidate fails the CCE, he/she must retake and successfully pass the examination prior to continuing to the VCP. Documentation and fees submitted for VCP will be returned unprocessed if the candidate has not passed the CCE.

Click here to submit your VCP packet. You will be given the opportunity to upload your PowerPoint® presentation.

A complete VCP package must include:
A. Completed/signed VCP Form
  • Section 1: Candidate Information
  • Section 2: VCP Payment
  • Section 3: Attestation of Ultrasound Procedures
B. PowerPoint® presentation containing the fifteen (15) ultrasound cases with accompanying patient and cytology reports. Images or reports submitted on paper will not be accepted and will be returned to the candidate ungraded.

All original reports must be scanned as they would appear in the patient records Reports that have been cut and pasted and are not in their original format will be returned.

All images and reports, including cytology, must contain the original date(s) the examination or procedure was performed.
Refer to VCP Manual for specific content criteria. Click here for current VCP manual.

In accordance with HIPAA regulations, all patient identifying information must be removed from the images and/or patient and cytology reports, prior to submission to the ACE Office. Patient identifying information includes name, address, phone number, birth date, social security number, medical record number, etc.. Images and reports with patient identifying information will not be accepted and will be returned to the candidate unprocessed.


AACE Clinical Practice Guidelines are systematically developed, evidence-based documents that assist practitioners about appropriate health care decisions

AACE Position Statements

AACE's Position Statements meet rigorous criteria before being published and utilized and serve as one of the worlds' most trusted sources


AACE continually strives to bring to the world definitive protocols, guidelines and discoveries which further and enhance the greater medical health of the general public.

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