AACE Physician Registry for Clinical Research

In keeping with the AACE's mission of enhancing its members' ability to provide the highest quality of care, the AACE Clinical Research Committee has worked, over the past years, to promote education and awareness of how to conduct clinical research. This has been accomplished through member surveys, creation of a clinical research white paper, and several workshops that provided members with an organized and hands-on educational model required for successful clinical research design and implementation in their practice.

AACE recognizes that competence in conducting clinical research promotes the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge regarding therapeutic action, investigation, and development of various drugs that will consequently protect the welfare of patients and study subjects. The promotion of clinical research through the involvement of endocrinologists is not only one of the major educational priorities of AACE for improving patient care, but also highlights its commitment to address the lack of highly skilled manpower in the clinical research industry.

Demonstrating commitment to the quality of clinical research through educational offerings benefits the public by ensuring the development and preservation of the highest quality and standards in clinical research. Growing feedback from pharmaceutical companies and clinical sites indicates that there are fewer errors, lower costs, more rapid turnaround and greater safety in trials when competent personnel are involved in clinical trials. The availability of well qualified physicians conducting clinical research benefits the pharmaceutical companies by facilitating their efforts in developing drugs that further enhance the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease.

Physician Registry
The registry is currently comprised of the following individuals: AACE Physician Registry for Clinical Research, and may be contacted directly by AACE corporate partners to discuss their individual needs for clinical research investigators.

If you are an AACE member in good standing and would like to join the registry, please complete the Registry Questionnaire.


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