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AACE Offers Support to Members and Practice managers, coders, billers, collectors, and other support staff!

In these current economic times, we realize the need for added support on the business side of the office for our members. As we adjust to shifting economic times and continuous change in healthcare reform, new challenges are surfacing from a clinical and financial view. The demand for improved medical coding and documentation is constantly increasing as reimbursements spiral downward. On the clinical side of the office, physicians are bombarded with information on new technology advances, new and improved drugs, the results of the most up to date studies and daily patient care and management. From the business side of the office, we face challenges with variations in medical policies and procedures differing from state to state, carrier-to-carrier and policy to policy creating confusion and frustration regarding medical coverage and reimbursement. Medical codes are becoming increasingly more difficult to master as technology advances. ICD10 is fast approaching and will require more detailed documentation as well as additional education for coders, billers, collectors as well as physicians and other clinical staff. AACE would like to reach out and support you and your business office staff. We are proud to offer this extended support to our members. This foundational support will provide you and your office staff with confidence to meet all change and challenge regarding healthcare. AACE would like to invite Practice and Office Managers, coders, billers, collectors, and all other support staff to join our practice management database. AACE offers a monthly electronic newsletter called, Endonomics™ - The Practice Management Newsletter. It will provide information on coding, billing, and reimbursement tips, updates to guidelines and policies for Medicare, information relating to national provider calls, webinars and coding courses available, articles and information related to employee and patient communication, and various other resources required to maintain an efficient, compliant and profitable office. More information on Endonomics™ here.

As you know, communication is essential for an efficient office. Business office staff that are kept up to date with the latest legislative and regulatory issues and provided prompt alerts on policy, payment, and procedure changes, coding and documentation requirements etc., always create shorter turnaround times for claims payment and increased reimbursement for the physician’s office.
If you would like this additional support from AACE, please provide the name (s) and emails of your practice or office administrators, coders, billers, collectors, etc. along with an address to

If you have questions or concerns, please email We look forward to assisting you in the near future!

Warm Regards,
The Socioeconomic and Member Advocacy Department

We invite you to take our short anonymous survey to help us gather information on who is in the Practice Support Network. This assists us with determining topics of interest and appropriate ways to communicate. The survey consists of six questions and takes approximately 5 minutes to complete. We appreciate your valuable opinions and feedback and we look forward to assisting you!
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