2012-2013 Socioeconomics & Member Advocacy Committee Charge

  1. Develop policies and strategies, as well as serve as a membership resource, related to the effective positioning of the clinical endocrinologists within the managed care or other integrated health care delivery system.

  2. Seek reports of and effectively respond to members hassle factor reports or grievance issues. Receive reports from members of abuses by managed care, insurance payor, or other third party health care delivery system parties, and develop appropriate responses to resolve and address the problem(s).

  3. Provide Third Party Relations Q&A material for each issue of The First Messenger.

  4. Address and respond to third party payor denials from reimbursement of radiopharmaceuticals to practicing clinical endocrinologists.

  5. Determine the most appropriate forum for presenting Program research findings at the AACE Annual Meeting.

  6. Represent AACE on coding issues before appropriate government or third party organizations to enhance and promote maximum reimbursement for services provided by clinical endocrinologists.

  7. Regularly collect, disseminate, and publish information related to coding and reimbursement for endocrinology services/procedures, including Coding Corner in The First Messenger.

  8. Develop and provide support for new codes for the services of the clinical endocrinologist.

  9. Develop, for members, an endocrine coding manual on endocrine-related codes.

  10. Assist AACE members in receiving optional reimbursement for Continuing Glucose Monitoring through the development of appropriate guidelines.


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