Other Resources

AMA Washington Advocacy
Providing an update on the American Medical Association's interaction with Congress, the White House, Federal Agencies, and their Grassroots Action Center.

United States House of Representatives
Find out information regarding the United States House of Representatives including: House Operations, House Directory, Member Offices, Committee Offices, Leadership Offices, and Other House Organizations, Commissions, and Task Forces.

United States Senate
Find our information regarding the United States Senate including: Senate Committee Hearing Schedules, Activity on the Senate Floor, Senate Committees, Senate Offices, and the current Senate Schedule.

Legislation on the Internet
Locate legislation information including: bill summary and status, bill text, public laws by law number, Congressional records, Congressional Committee information, and much more.

The White House Webpage
Statistical Health Information update monthly. This includes vital statistics, use of health care service, health status, and health care expenditures.

United States Federal Register
Access Today's Federal Register Agenda. Also, access past issues of Federal Register or search the Federal Register by topic.

United States Government Printing Office
Access to the Government Printing Office, Government Information Products, and Government Library Services.

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
Information regarding Medicare, Medicaid, SCHIP, What's New at CMS (formerly known as the Health Care Financing Administration), and Medicare and Medicaid Program Memorandums.

Department of Health and Human Services
Information regarding What's New at the Department of Health and Human Services, Frequently asked Questions, HHS statistics, HHS Archives and a Guide to HHS Information Resources.


AACE Clinical Practice Guidelines are systematically developed, evidence-based documents that assist practitioners about appropriate health care decisions

AACE Position Statements

AACE's Position Statements meet rigorous criteria before being published and utilized and serve as one of the worlds' most trusted sources


AACE continually strives to bring to the world definitive protocols, guidelines and discoveries which further and enhance the greater medical health of the general public.

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