AACEPAC Recipients

AACEPAC supports candidates from both political parties, based on a candidate’s current and previous support for AACE legislative priorities and positions.

In evaluating candidates for support, AACEPAC considers:

  • An incumbent who has been a “friend” to AACE and has a close personal relationship with an AACE member who is actively involved in advocacy and serves as a Key Contact to the incumbent;
  • A candidate’s ability to advance or impact AACE legislative priorities, e.g. such as their committee assignments or positions in the congressional leadership; and
  • A candidate’s urgency of need for campaign support. For example, Senate candidates who are “in cycle” and up for re-election will generally take priority over Senate candidates who are not running for re-election in the current election cycle.

It is significant to note that of the twenty-two (22) candidates that AACEPAC supported in the 2012 election cycle, twenty (20) returned to D.C. as members of the 113th Congress. Included in this group are Members of Congress who have championed issues important to AACE, such as providing adequate payments for DXA bone density services and blocking double-digit physician payment cuts while seeking equitable solutions to the current flawed Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula. To review a list of past AACEPAC recipients, click here.

If you are a current AACEPAC member and would like to request that the AACEPAC Board of Directors consider making a campaign contribution to a specific federal candidate, please click here to download the form. (Please note, AACEPAC is a Federal PAC and only supports candidates for election to the U.S. Congress.)


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