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What is AACEPAC?

  • Formed in 2001, the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists Political Action Committee (AACEPAC) promotes good citizenship through personal and financial participation in the democratic process at the Federal Level of Government.

What is a Political Action Committee?

  • Political Action Committees (PACs) are independent organizations created to promote the principle beliefs of its members.
  • PACs support candidates at the national level seeking elective office who share common ideals and goals with the members of the PAC.
  • PACs also support the passage or defeat of legislative and regulatory issues that impact on the PACs constituents.

Why was AACEPAC formed?

  • The purpose of AACEPAC is to promote the interest of endocrinologists and their patients through all forms of political action including contributions to those candidates for election to Congress who share the views of the members of AACEPAC on health issues.
  • Clinical endocrinologists have a direct concern and interest in legislative and regulatory issues that affect the delivery and reimbursement of care provided to patients with endocrine diseases.
  • The formation of a PAC can provide an important vehicle for supporting the principles of better health and those candidates for elective office who share this goal.
  • AACEPAC is the most effective and visible advocacy tool to advance our legislative priorities and issues of interest.

What candidates will AACEPAC support?

  • AACEPAC supports candidates from both political parties, based on a candidate’s current and previous support for AACE legislative priorities and positions.
  • An incumbent who has been a “friend” to AACE and has a close personal relationship with an AACE member who is actively involved in advocacy and serves as a Key Contact to the incumbent;
  • A candidate’s ability to advance or impact AACE legislative priorities, e.g. such as their committee assignments or positions in the congressional leadership; and
  • A candidate’s urgency of need for campaign support. For example, Senate candidates who are “in cycle” and up for re-election will generally take priority over Senate candidates who are not running for re-election in the current election cycle.
  • For a list of past AACEPAC recipients or to submit a candidate to consider for PAC support, click here.

Why should I join?

  • The simple answer is to have your voice heard. By joining together with your colleagues in a united effort, your combined contributions and participation in the election process can make a difference.
  • To help ensure your future ability to provide the best care possible for your patients and preserve the future of your practice as part of a free enterprise system of health care.
  • By voluntarily contributing to AACEPAC, your combined contribution greatly enhances our ability to provide support to candidates for the United States Congress who share our concerns and will represent the interests of endocrinologists and our patients.

Who is eligible to participate?

  • All members of AACE, their families and office staff are eligible to participate.

Join AACEPAC Today!

Contributions to AACEPAC are not deductible as a charitable contribution for income tax purposes. AACEPAC members will receive a ribbon at the AACE Annual Meeting designating their membership category. An Annual Statement of your contribution and copies of the AACEPAC Bylaws will be furnished upon request.

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Notice: The purpose of this material is purely descriptive and informative. Participation in the AACEPAC program by members and employees is strictly voluntary.

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