The Charge of the Legislative & Regulatory Committee is as follows:

  • Assess and develop recommended AACE policy with respect to legislation at the national and state levels.
  • Address, assess, and develop AACE policy in response to federal, state and other issues related to the regulation of the practice of clinical endocrinology.
  • Act on AACE policy through lobbying, visitation, testimony and other appropriate communications with legislative and regulatory entities.
  • Serve AACE members through publication and in communication of AACE policy related to legislation and regulation of the practice of clinical endocrinology.
  • Develop and maintain a grassroots legislative key contact program for state and national issues.
  • Develop and maintain a Legislative Bulletin/Congressional Contact Alert for the AACE membership and Key Contacts for legislative and regulatory issues pertinent to the practice of clinical endocrinology.
  • Interact with the Washington Consultant to effectively advance AACE’s legislative and regulatory priorities.
  • Serve as resource to the Underserved Populations Committee in assessing the economic aspects of significant health issues, such as diabetes, obesity and osteoporosis, at a local level for the at-risk and underserved populations.
  • Monitor FDA issues to determine whether AACE would provide testimony, in consultation with the AACE President, on endocrine issues.
  • Maintain a formal review mechanism for early identification of potential FDA issues that will affect clinical endocrinologists.
  • Create an AACE response and seek action from CMS and other federal entities, such as Congress, regarding ongoing problems identified in the implementation of the Sunshine Act including:
    • Registration process for Open Payments database
    • Resolving disputed report issues with applicable manufacturers and CMS
    • Expanding reporting requirements including CME activities
    • Collaboration with other stakeholders in the physician community.


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