American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists

AACE Key Contact Program

Thank you for your interest in joining the AACE Key Contact Program. The AACE Key Contact Program is the cornerstone of AACE advocacy. Whether you already have a relationship with a current Member of Congress, or would like to develop a relationship with your Senator or Representative, AACE will provide the support needed to cultivate that relationship. AACE’s success on Capitol Hill is dependent on our ability to communicate messages about AACE priorities to Members of Congress. This would not be possible without the involvement of AACE members who serve as a Key Contact for their legislators.

As a Key Contact, you will serve as an AACE liaison with a Member(s) of Congress. AACE will provide you with the tools necessary to develop and maintain a relationship with your Member(s) of Congress. As a member of the AACE Key Contact Program, you will also receive periodic updates on AACE legislative priorities and positions on issues pending before Congress, allowing you to keep the Member(s) of Congress informed and become a resource to their office on health care issues.

AACE also asks that you consider becoming a District Team Leader. With the assistance of AACE staff, your primary responsibility as a District Team Leader will be coordinating advocacy activities with other AACE Key Contact members in your district, such as attendance at town hall meetings or a group appointment with the Representative in their district office to discuss AACE legislative priorities. If you are interested in this important advocacy position, please indicate by selecting ‘Team Leader’ from the drop down box for the appropriate Member of Congress. More information on the responsibilities of a District Team Leader can be found in the FAQ Section by clicking here.

AACE advocacy efforts are only as strong as the efforts of each AACE member. The secret to AACE’s advocacy success is our AACE Key Contacts. It is up to each of you to make a personal commitment to advocacy and build the congressional connections that count! Your commitment to the AACE Key Contact Program will strengthen AACE's voice and influence on Capitol Hill.


Click here to review a list of AACE Key Contacts and their U.S. House of Representative(s) or U.S. Senator(s)

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