AACE Outstanding Service Award for Promotion of Endocrine Health of an Underserved Population

2020 Winners

G.D. Ramchandani, MD, FACE, FACP, FRCPA, FRCPG, FRSSDI, PGDDM, FIACM and Roopashree Prabhushankar, MBBS, MD

headshots of Dr. Ramchandani and Dr. Prabhushankar

This year, the AACE Outstanding Service Award for Promotion of Endocrine Health of an Underserved Population was awarded to both Dr. Ramchandani (pictured left) and Dr. Prabhushankar (pictured right). Read their bios here.


Dr. G.D. Ramchandani is Director of Ramchandani Diabetes Care and Research Centre Kota Rajasthan, India. He completed his graduate and  post-graduate in Medical Science and specialized in Internal Medicine in 1993 from SMS Medical College, Jaipur, India.

His mission has been to fight diabetes, obesity, thyroid disorder, and osteoporosis with focus on awareness, education, prevention, and management for underprivileged and downtrodden residents in rural and remote areas of the state. He conducts free camps, "Family and Fun" days for underprivileged rural population, and educational talks at All India Radio and TV. His dedication earned him the designation of Fitness Ambassador of State and awards for Distinguished Service, Incredible Diabetologist, and Best Social Work.

Since 2007, Dr. Ramchandani has worked for underprivileged type-1 diabetic children, providing free care including all supplies, and supporting 300 mostly female children in rural areas under DOST - Diabetic Child Care Society. His center is a partner with “Life For A Child” project since 2013 and a member of the SWEET Pediatric Initiative. These children and their families face difficulties  keeping insulin safe due to the extreme environmental temperature, often above 113 Fahrenheit/45 Celsius, as refrigeration in the area is sparsely available.  Dr.  Ramchandani is helping to educate these families on how to store insulin in adverse conditions and advocating for donations of refrigerators to poor families. More than 10 type 1 diabetic girls from rural area are now married and were able to deliver healthy babies.

Dr. Ramchandani's Center was approved as an “IDF Center of Education” in 2018 and NDEP since 2012 and presented with the Diabetes Awareness Initiative Award in 2015 and 2017 at Diabetes India. He is the principal investigator and has participated in 10 Studies and published more than 20 manuscripts and 20 chapters in books. He is editor of two volumes of Medicine Update 2019 and sub-editor of Progress of Medicine 2016.  Dr. Ramchandani is a member of the AACE International Committee of Diabetes, Nutrition & Obesity and Thyroid Disease State Network for 2018-19 and 2019-20. He is Joint Sec National API 2019 (President’s Place), ICP 2016 (Dean’s place) and Honorary Secretary of RSSDI Rajasthan Chapter.

Dr. Ramchandani firmly believes that, due to the large number of underserved population in India,   his country of origin, it is his responsibility to give back however he can, in whatever form, size and capacity.

Roopashree Prabhushankar, MBBS, MD

Dr. Roopashree Prabhushankar graduated  medical school in 1999 and completed her Endocrinology Fellowship training from University of Missouri. She has been working as a community endocrinologist in the medically underserved populations within State of Arizona. She is presently the only endocrinologist in Pinal County and the Gila River Community. She holds the position of Endocrinology Medical Director for the Gila River Healthcare System in Sacaton, Arizona which is a facility serving the Native American Pima population on their reservation.

Historically, since 1965, the Pima Indians from the Gila River Indian community have contributed greatly to the understanding of diabetes through their willingness to participate in clinical research. They may be the most studied group for the causes and consequences of diabetes. However, the population still remained with high prevalence of diabetes-related complications, receiving little help and support towards improving their health. The Gila River community took their care  responsibility upon themselves and started the Hu Hu Kam-Gila River Health care facility on their reservation in Sacaton. They have established a clinic for diabetes care called Thoag Thag Ke- Life Center. As their Endocrinology Medical director, Dr. Prabhushankar led the team comprised of dieticians, fitness and lifestyle coaches, nurses, nurse practitioners, and social workers. Her team develop policies and procedures towards improving diabetes care. The medications in formulary are constantly updated to include newer therapies with cardiovascular benefit. Dr. Prabhushankar pens a monthly column in the community newspaper focused on diabetes. In 2019, the life center clinic has shown great improvement in GPRA scores (Government Performance and Results Act). Dr. Prabhushankar states that it has been a truly gratifying experience to be able to provide her service to this population and also to be able to see improvement in diabetes control measures.