AACE Outstanding Clinical Endocrinologist Award

2020 Winner

Mark Stesin, MD, FACE

headshot of Dr. Stesin

Upon completion of his Endocrinology fellowship at the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Mark Stesin returned to his home city of Minneapolis.  As providing personalized endocrine/medical care was one of his practice goals, he chose to open his own independent endocrinology practice, which he continues to maintain. In his clinic, Dr. Stesin has endeavored to treat patients with a wide spectrum of endocrinology disorders. During the In the last several years, his practice has had an increasing focus on diabetes technology, and he reports that the results have been outstanding and that it is gratifying to see how diabetes technology has improved the lives of so many patients with diabetes. Dr. Stesin cares for a large number of both type 1 and type 2 diabetic patients utilizing insulin pump and/or continuous glucose monitoring therapy and is proud to report that the average time in range for their 125 6700 insulin pump patients is at 75.2%, which is above the national average of 72%. He hopes to publish these results in the near future.

After starting his practice, Dr. Stesin felt that it was important to have an academic affiliation and to be involved in physician training and teaching.  He became an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Minnesota Medical School, a position he still maintains. He has taught Internal Medicine residents for 30 years. The G3 Internal Medicine Residents at the Abbott Northwestern Hospital Internal Medicine Residency Program do their endocrine rotation in Dr. Stesin's office. He thoroughly enjoys teaching and interacting with the resident physicians. Several of these residents have pursued endocrinology fellowships and are now in practice.  In addition to treating his own patients, Dr. Stesin felt it was important to impact the community at large. His clinic sponsors a free-to-the-public diabetes symposium on an annual basis.