AACE International Clinician Award

2020 Winner

Bagher Larijani, MD, FACE

headshot of Dr. Larijani

Professor Bagher Larijani trained as an endocrinologist at Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) and obtained his Fellowship distinction (FACE) from the American College of Endocrinology. Currently, he is the President and Chief Scientific Officer of the Endocrinology and Metabolism Research Institute (EMRI) of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, the highest-ranking medical research institute in Iran. During the past two decades, his main interest at the EMRI has been bridging the gap between basic and clinical disciplines related to endocrinology.

Professor Larijani has authored hundreds of journal articles and has published many books and book chapters in the field of endocrinology and related sciences. With more than 16,000 citations and an H-index of 73 recorded by Google Scholar in 2020, he is considered as one of the most prominent physician-scientists in Iran, and the region. It is noteworthy that in addition to his scientific, academic, and leadership roles, Dr. Larijani continues to practice as an endocrinologist and operates a busy practice in one of the central and most crowded neighborhoods of Tehran.

As a university lecturer, he has trained a considerable number of endocrinologists. Besides his curricular engagements, Dr. Larijani regularly designs and holds various accredited workshops and training courses for medical graduates, nurses, and allied health workers in collaboration with globally-renowned organizations.

Professor Larijani has served as the Chair of the Supreme National Noncommunicable diseases, Chair of the National Bioethics Committee, and Chancellor of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, amongst several executive and editorial positions. He has played key roles in design and implementation of revolutionary initiatives such as the National Noncommunicable Diseases Action plan, which is considered a milestone in the history of development of Iranian healthcare system. On an international scale, his opinions and contributions have always been sought by leading world scientists and policy-makers. For instance, as the only Lancet Commissioner invited from the Middle East, he included substantial region-specific content in the final report of the Lancet Commission on Obesity, Undernutrition, and Global Warming which was published in the prestigious Journal of Lancet in 2019. In appreciation of such contributions, he has been granted several prestigious international medals and awards such as International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) Committee of National Societies Medal of Honor and Gold Circle Diabetes Award of the Italian Barometer Diabetes Observatory Forum.